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When I have finished helping my parents with their chores, I sit down under the shade of our precious mango tree and then I read. I read until I cannot read any more. I read everything I can get my hands on. Each time I finish a book, I know I am getting closer to my dream.'

~Excerpt from 'Dreams Can't Be Too Big', Level A1-A2

'Lydia knew we were going to the lake for our Christmas holidays. Lydia didn’t know we were going there without her. No one knew how to tell her to stop packing her bags; she wasn’t coming with us after all. No one had the courage to break the news to this excited girl who had never set her foot on a beach before. It would be her first time, she shouted, and she was planning to enjoy herself to the fullest!'

~Excerpt from 'Mangoes for Lydia', Level B1-B2

'The Tamara I knew will never come back. The Tamara I knew is gone forever. The Tamara I know now goes into people’s homes and lectures them on how they should live, how they should dress, how they should eat, how they should treat each other. She says that it is not normal to see children running around in bare feet. She says it is inhuman to let them walk in torn clothes and wallow in dirt. She even says that men should help their wives everywhere, even in the kitchen. She has seen it done in Europe, why not here? “Those old days are gone Papa. On doit s’adapter au monde moderne. We have to adapt ourselves to the modern world.”'

~Excerpt from 'My Daughter from France', Level B1-B2

My Daughter From France, Level B1-B2, Learn English With Africa Store. 2016
The Departure Lounge, Short Story, Learn English With Africa SELZ, 2017
The Pinnacle of Irresponsibility, Learn English With Africa Store Selz, 2017
The Decision, A Short Story, Level A2-B1, Learn English With Africa Store, 2016

'We are going to spend the next years waiting. We will strain our eyes to capture the fleeting image of our brother. We will open our ears wide to capture any news about the almost forgotten brother, the almost forgotten son. Maybe one day we will stop waiting. Maybe one day he will come back. Maybe one day we will forget that this ever happened. Is this wishful thinking? I hope not. They never come back, do they? They get lost and no one ever hears about them. They are gone, gone forever. Forever, they are gone'.

~Excerpt from 'Outbound'. Level B1-B2'

' This windowless room is the place where she spends most of her time. This airless room is the place where she nurtures her family. This suffocating room is the place where she wastes her life, but she doesn’t know it. The smoke she inhales daily, sitting by that makeshift fireplace, that smoke is poison for her. It draws out her breath by the second and shortens her life by years. She doesn’t know this. It is difficult to imagine that she would like that fire, those charred pots, those broken wooden spoons, those rusty plates and pails. You can’t imagine that.'

~Excerpt from 'Don't Go There', Level B1-B2

' We live by our passions. I have several pictures of telescopes, spaceships and space shuttles. You will see them on the walls of the bedroom I share with my two younger cousins. On the floor, I have a collection of space-related objects. One of them is a miniature of Jupiter planet that Mwiza gave me a year ago. I was so surprised when he showed me this that I could not speak for several minutes. In the end I cried because what he did was very beautiful.'

~Excerpt from the 'Astronaut from Bolero', Level A1-A2