The Learn English With Africa Store provides customers with interesting short stories and compelling novels based on Africa.

We guarantee thought-provoking themes, unique settings, thrilling plots, memorable characters and page-turning narratives.

What makes us different?

# 1: Creativity is our driving force

We thrive on creativity.

We revel in the art of creating.

We adore making things from scratch and turning them into objects of beauty.

All our stories reflect this.

# 2: Language is music

We aim to transmit the love of languages to our learners.

The sounds of English are extraordinary. The sounds of English are unique.

We draw students’ attention to the intonation and rhythms of this beautiful language.

We want learners to love speaking and hearing the sounds of this poetic language.

# 3: Language is imagery

Languages are vivid.

We create mental pictures when we talk.

We use different types of images to express ourselves.

Africa is ripe with vibrant colours and textures.

Our stories aim to recreate that.

# 4: Language is about emotions

Languages are not dull.

Languages are alive.

Through English, we express our fears, hope, happiness, delight, sadness or sorrow, hoping that our interlocutor will understand us.

Through English, we express ourselves to the fullest!

# 5: Language is culture

Language is about communication.

To communicate well, we need to understand the other. Where does he or she come from? What are his or her aspirations? What makes this person a human being?

The more we are open-minded, the better we communicate.

# 6: Language is story-telling

Students love stories.

We love to tell those stories.

Short stories are a great and effortless way of learning vocabulary, grammar and sentence construction.

The themes of our stories are varied and aim to inspire, educate, enlighten and entertain.

We hope you now have a better idea of what our website is about. Please do not hesitate to contact usfor further information.

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